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Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

"Rustic weddings are all about materials from nature (Trees, barks, Forests), rich fabrics and set up which reflect a soothing feel.
Rustic Chic theme is a combination of chic and elegance with a hint of glamour. The decor elements mostly include farmhouse; colours like pink, peach, brown, green, blue, purple all in light hues; array of lights; a bit vintage; barn; eco- friendly; jute or hemp sacks ; and linens fabulously textured/printed (mostly floral prints); monograms made from moss ;antique silver wares; French touch; something unusual; handmade wooden name plates and so on.
This theme showcases natural looking landscapes, inclusion of wood in a many ways and standees or antiques that give a homely feel or as if you are in a lush garden. Usually fresh & exotic flowers are used. Wine barrels are also used as one of the decor elements which can be used as a cocktail or a bar table. It is very creative, diverse and heart warming.
It includes decor design which replicates a Garden/Village/ Vineyard /Forest or any other Natural setting."

Ethnic Wedding Theme
"This theme reflects one’s culture, traditions, royal charm and lots of bright colours. One of the main element is the lighting which is very bright and highlights the beauty of the decor and enhances it. Decor elements like tents, palaces, temples, pilgrim places, creative centrepieces, creating ponds etc. are used to give a dramatic feel to the Wedding/Reception. For performances, classical dancers, singers or musicians are called. It reflects one’s traditions, customs & culture. The set up is huge and the food is from different nooks and corners of the country. All the pre-wedding functions are divided equally and given separate days to enjoy the function. It includes a lot of designs like Royal, Lotus, Peacock, Rajwadi, South Indian,Punjabi, Catholic and so on."

Classic Romance Wedding Theme
"Do you want a wedding that is timeless & won’t look outdated even after 50 years? Than the wedding with a Classical Romantic theme planned, proves that although classic it does not need to be understated or very simple. For the classic and romantic feel gold, silver, pale yellow, baby pink and such other colour scheme can be used.
If you opt for this theme than more and more flowers are to be used and incorporated almost everywhere. Flowers can be used to line the Aisles; to hang in Arches, Gazebo, Vidhi mandap, reception stage and in each element of decor including chairs and dining tables. Soothing lights and lounge areas for seating add up to the entire experience. There can be lavish white or beige sofas and large Ornate mirrors used as decor elements.
It is ideal for spacious places like stadiums, grounds, farmhouses and resorts.
It includes Fairytale//Retro/ Glamorous/White/Red and Gold/Winter wonderland etc. decor design"

Seaside Celebration Theme
"If you are a beach lover and the green & blue ocean is where you find solace than a beach wedding is just for you. The serenity of beautiful white sands and the vast ocean make your wedding a fun celebration. Vibrant colours like orange, yellow, deep blue, purple, green and red are the most preferred colours. Cool cocktails, coconut water, mojitos and fresh fruit juices just feel apt for the outdoor setting.
Goa, Kerala, Bali, Mauritius, Maldives are the hottest destinations for a beach wedding.
Be it a White Wedding or a fully colour matched Ethnic set up; beaches are a perfect location for taking the sacred vows.
We’ll arrange the entire wedding once you select the perfect beach venue."

Vintage Wedding Theme
"The Vintage Wedding stands for superiority with uniqueness and an outstanding set up. Tents; Canopies, Dummy Bird Cages; Wooden Chairs, antique Chandeliers, lace work are some of the elements used in decor. Creating a Grape orchard or setting up cherry blossom trees with a castle as stage are a ‘good to go’ set up ideas.
It includes castle, cultural and countryside design weddings.
It includes palace, traditional, cultural and royal design weddings."